Chaser app unpublished


We had to unpublish the app from the marketplace today.

Strava is changing their APIs, and we haven´t yet been granted access to those apis. As a result, the app will stop functioning. Hopefully, we can get access to the new APIs, and have a client for windows phone working again.

Really sorry for the inconvenience…



Renaming the strava app to Chaser

Hi all, 

We´ve renamed the app to “Chaser”. We did this to distinguish ourselves from Strava, and make sure we don´t give the impression that this is an official app or anything like that. The app should still appear if you search for strava on the marketplace.

Also, there are some people who experience that their trace is completely wrong when uploading to strava. Most people have the app working, but unfortunately not all. We are trying to figure out why this happens. Hopefully we will have a patch for that soon. 




Windows Phone Strava App


I’m happy to announce that we have released an Windows Phone app for Strava on the marketplace!

The first couple of days after release have been very encouraging. We´ve had lots of downloads, and the feedback so far is positive.

The initial version supports tracing and upload to strava. Our plan is to add more functionality as we go forward. We are looking into supporting logging in to Strava with facebook credentials, something that is currently missing.

You can pick up the app here.