Renaming the strava app to Chaser

Hi all, 

We´ve renamed the app to “Chaser”. We did this to distinguish ourselves from Strava, and make sure we don´t give the impression that this is an official app or anything like that. The app should still appear if you search for strava on the marketplace.

Also, there are some people who experience that their trace is completely wrong when uploading to strava. Most people have the app working, but unfortunately not all. We are trying to figure out why this happens. Hopefully we will have a patch for that soon. 





52 thoughts on “Renaming the strava app to Chaser

  1. good work guys. but I am one of these who has a problem – so maybe it helps you. I use HTC x8, in czech republic and when I upload “new ride” for example 10km – at Strava I see 3 350 000 km around all globe.
    I am looking forward you find whats wrong.

  2. Hi,

    Firstly thank you for your hard work, it is very much appreciated !!!!

    I have thou of late been having a few tracing problems. Any ideas on the problem for this ?

  3. Gents, thanks for this app. I use strava al the time and it was a bummer to see no Win 8 app.
    When uploading my ride to strava, it says server not found, would there be any issues I need to be aware of, I am based in South Africa.

    Your help is appreciated.


  4. Hi

    I am having the same problem as Mark. When I log into Strava to upload my ride data, I get a message “The remote serve returned an error. Not found”. i am in Australia.


    • Sorry for the late reply.. I just had the same issue on my phone actually. I managed to resolve it by logging out (settings page) and then logging in again (prompt when clicking “upload to strava”). Does this work for you?


  5. Hi, and thanks for a great app for us who think Strava is fun and have a Windows 8 Phone (Samsung Ativ S). Have similar problem that Mark. The upload worked one time, and then I got problem.

    When I try to “Upload to Strava” I get the message: “The remote server returned an error: NotFound.”

    Any sugestions?

    Best regards
    Oslo, Norway

  6. Hi guys – this was working great for me on my Nokia 800 on Windows Phone 7. Since getting an HTC8X on Windows 8 however, the timer stops and tracking when the app goes into the background (i.e. when I’m riding!). Any ideas why?

    • I worked this one out for myself – it only continues running if you switch off the phone when the app is active, otherwise it pauses. Today a differnt problem though – the rides won’t upload to Strava – it says “The remote server returned an error: NotFound.” 😦 I guess maybe Strava have changed their API and broken something?

  7. Great work on getting this working with strava. In the last 2 weeks 1/2/2013 the app was unable to upload to server showing an error message. Not sure if I am the only one seeing this issue. I have tried to re-install this did not work either. I was wondering if the strava login api has changed and there may need an update.


    • Are you seeing the notFound error message? In this case, i think it helps to log out (settings page) and then log back in when doing “upload to strava”

      Hope this helps, and sorry for not getting back to you sooner.


    • Hi Erik!

      I also have the 920. (great phone!!)

      I just had the same issue. I resolved it by logging out, and then logging back in when uploading to strava. Let me know if this resolves it for you.

      Sorry for the late reply.


  8. Hi, thank you for this app. I use it just about every day. Unfortunately it does not support multitasking. For example, if I want to use the phone camera or check the web for directions, Chaser loses the ride. Do you have plans for an update to fix this?

    • thanks! Iam glad you find it useful 🙂

      The multitasking problem is known, and is (at least on win phone 7) a limitation of the phone (no background gps tracking). We are looking into if it can be improved for win phone 8..


  9. Hey guys, much appreciated that this app is out there in the first place, so thanks. Just wondering if the activity details can be stored on the device in case the upload to strava does not work. It would then let the user try again later. At the moment if it does not upload successfully all the details are lost, which is a real bummer :-(. Not sure why I sometimes get “cannot connect to server”, but the only way to fix it seems to be to re-install the app.
    Anyway, always looking forward to new updates !
    Mark – Sydney Australia.

    • Hi Mark,

      Storing the rides on the phone is a good idea! Seems we currently are overly optimistic about the success of uploading the ride, but it would be nice to be able to store them on the phone.
      The last thing we want is actually for people to lose their rides, thats total failure on our side.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      • I’ve received the same error as these guys and tried logging out and then back in, but the error message still appears when I attempt to upload. Any other solutions?

        Where is the GPX file stored on the phone? Perhaps I could try retrieving it

        Thanks for all the hard work guys!

      • Unfortunaltly, many people are having this problem it seems.

        we dont support exporting GPX yet, but thats something we definitly want!

        Sorry for the invonvenience,

  10. Guys, excellent app. I use it nearly everyday on my rides. As soon as I get in from a ride I upload. No problems. Can’t wait for more features.. Thanks

    Alistair (N.Ireland)

  11. Hi, thanks a lot for the app. Unfortunately, I am also encountering the “notfound” error message when uploading. Logging out and in doesn’t help 😦 I am using a Lumia 800 (WP7)
    Is there another workaround?

    • Unfortunaltly, many people are having this problem it seems.

      I dont have a good answer for you atm, but hopefully, we will be able to figure out whats going on soon..


  12. Any helpful hints on using facebook login? I tried using the email / password for FB and it fails to log me in. I am sure I am missing something minor. Thanks to both of you.

  13. This app quite possibly will be the thing to allow me to move onto WP8.

    The sole reason I am still on iPhone is because of Strava; if the functionality to store rides so that the worry of losing them if the upload fails is inlcuded then I am right behind this.

    Is this a realistic possibility within the next two months?

  14. Hi,

    Great App!

    Since the update to Windows Phone 7.5 pn Lumia 800 no longer uploads to strava .
    Have logged out and in. Have re-installed but stlll not working.

    • Unfortunaltly, many people are having this problem it seems.

      I dont have a good answer for you atm, but hopefully, we will be able to figure out whats going on soon..


  15. Yesterday after my ride I tried to upload my track to see the time in some segments. The app said uploding was ok but there was no activity at Strava´s site. Does it get lost? Today I tried again, I made a walk of 100m to test uploding and there was activity on Strava but more less 7350km. I use Nokina 710 with Windows Phone 7.5

  16. Guys very nice app but logged out and in, out and in and still get the NotFound error when trying to access the remote server. Any other ideas on how to fix it or can we FTP or mail the files back to ourselves and then we can submit via Strava web site?

  17. Thank you for the app since Strava seems to show us no love. No complaints…all seems to work well on my Lumia 900. I hope you guys keep working on the app and adding features…it’s appreciated by us out here logging rides to Strava!

  18. It would appear chaser is no longer on the windws site? anyway, already installed, love it when it works. i too had the upload problem today. Tried the logout method and now it wont let me log in. seems other apps let u upload gpx to skydrive easily.. that might be the backup solution when upload fails? Pretty please?

  19. I had the upload error so I logged out then back in again now it won’t accept my strava log in details just says log in failed not a happy chappy as I had just done my fastest time

  20. I had the upload error today after it running fine the week before never had a problem til today. So I logged out but now when I try to log back in I get login failed

  21. when i try to upload a ride to strava i get the server error message saying its not found i came on here and saw it was a common issue i tried logging out and back in but i am unable to log back in and i know i spelled everything right even reset it on strava i feel this ride might be a lost cause to save let me know.

  22. won’t let me log in using Strava username and password…is there a seperate Chaser username I am forgetting about? thanx for all your work and effort … cheers

  23. same problem, tried log off/on but cant log back in. This is causing me disproportionate amount of stress. #firstworldproblems

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