Chaser app unpublished


We had to unpublish the app from the marketplace today.

Strava is changing their APIs, and we haven´t yet been granted access to those apis. As a result, the app will stop functioning. Hopefully, we can get access to the new APIs, and have a client for windows phone working again.

Really sorry for the inconvenience…



22 thoughts on “Chaser app unpublished

  1. HI Sverre,

    Sucks to here I won’t be able to use Chaser for a while – definitely the best way to track & record runs & rides to Strava that I could find for WP8, and believe me, I tried them all!

    As an interim solution, is there anyway to retrieve the GPX track manually from the phone to upload to strava manually? I just recorded a run that I really don’t want to lose, & I can’t upload it!


  2. Ah, that explains a few things.
    Do you have any plans to add the ability to save rides? I think memory for, say, the last five or ten rides would be a really useful feature, especially when your ride ends in a country pub with no reception, or like me, you occasionally get the “server not found” error.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey guys, love the app! Shame to hear about the change of the APIs. Is there any way to not lose the logged data from my ride today?

  4. Thank you for trying. it is very disappointing that they changed the interface and then restricted access to developers. Do they want you to pay for access? I would gladly pay for the app if you needed the cash. I think you guys have a strong following and your app is the best out there – charge $0.99 and make it work.
    Let us know what we can do to help you resurrect this app!

  5. What about exporting the data to a STRAVA capable upload file – maybe use SkyDRIVE to hold it? Just a thought………

  6. I have a ride recorded but can’t upload I guess due to the api issue.. Is there any way I cadaver ride to upload later?

  7. Is there any way to get the gps track without it uploading to Strava? I recorded a track I would like to keep, but am afraid Ill lose it if I turn the phone off.

  8. That is a real bummer !! Will have to go to sports tracker or something else that has a WIndows app.When exactly will your App stop working or has it stopped already ?

  9. Doesn’t look to be working now, returns a server not found when trying to upload. Shame, but blame at Strava end rather than for this app, if only they supported Windows Phone. Hopefully though the API’s will be released and Chaser can be updated!

  10. It has stopped for me, really bummed out as I got a bit lost today and it would be nice to see where I went wrong!

  11. I just found out about the API change, after completing a ride and not being able to upload it. Is there any way to extract the gpx file? My ride stats are still part of the app.

  12. Any chance you can cut a version that lets us get the gpx to skydrive?? until the api is released? not many gpx logger options that work.

  13. You can install sports tracker, record your run or ride upload it to sport tracker and then export the GPX file out of sports tracker to then upload to Strava. I know it is a bit of stuffing around, but it might be our only option until Strava does something.
    I put in a support call to Strava to ask them what they are going to do about this, I will let you all know if I get a response !!

    • I second this. Just did it today. Works great and not that much hassle. Strava is such a better interface than Sports Tracker.

  14. Thanks for putting this app together guys I only use windows phones so this was my most used app out side of email. I am totally addicted to strava now. Can’t wait for the fix and a I appreciate all the hard work!

  15. Hi guys,

    Thx for your hard work. The app is great. I guess the api issue is why i started to get the NotFound error?

    Any news or timetable? I’m sure i would’ve had a couple of koms on my last ride 😉

    Best regards


  16. Hi guys,
    I really really like(d) your app! It just always works. Whether I start it inside or outside the house it always recorded my rides correctly. Since Strava has switched off the api’s I have tried several other apps like endomondo and sports tracker. However with all of them I have had problems recording rides correctly.
    I really hope you will change the app, so it stores the gpx file on the phone or somewhere else instead. Then everyone can do what they want with it. Please come back soon!

  17. Oh man…. API issues. Ok well company forced me to this pos windows 7.5. Your app was my only saving grace. Thank you for the short time I used it. It worked flawlessly and …in my opinion more stable than strava app on droid. I guess it’s time to go Garmin.

    Thanks again,

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