We are two developers based in Norway. Just to be clear, Carlinapps is not our daytime job. We use Carlinapps as a hub for our hobby-projects. Currently, the strava app is our only release. New releases will be announced here. We also welcome feedback in the comments section.

The name Carlinapps is a tribute to the great George Carlin of course.


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  1. I was very happy to install your strava app. It registers my running tours perfectly but after uploading to strava and visiting my internet strava account, the file on strava says i ran millions of kilometers and the map shows a flat line across the globe. I use a nokia lumia 800 windows phone. Any experience or pointers with this kind of problem. Kind regards Wim Basteijns

    • Hi! Thanks for getting back to us. We haven’t heard about this problem before, is this something that occured once or frequently?

      In general, we dont do anything with the GPS data, but forward them to the strava. It could be that the gps gave us an invalid position or something, but i havent experienced this before. It might be helpful if you export your ride as a gpx from strava and send it to us, if that is something you feel comfortable with. You can reach me directly on email at sverret at outlook dot com.


      • Same here, after uploading the track go’s around the world?
        Data in app is correct.
        Hope you can fix this bug

      • This bug is very strange, and we are unfortunatly not close to resolving it yet.
        Please be patient, and hopefully we have it fixed soon..


  2. Your app works a treat. I assume the only way to store a ride is to download it to Strava. There is no way to store a ride on the phone (Nokia 820), do another ride and then download both to Strava at a later date?

    • No, not yet. We only allow one ride, which we store until you discard or upload it. This would be a nice feature, so we will try to add it at some point! πŸ™‚

  3. I installed on my Lumia 800 and recorded my first ride. When i try to save to strave it says: “the remote server returned an error: Notfound.”

    • Thanks for the feedback. Im not sure exactly what this can be. Can you acceess strava.com from your phones browser? There seems that there are more people that experience this.

      • Yes, I can access the site without any issues from my phone. I really don’t get it.

      • And what is even more frustrating is that you can log-out of the app, log back in again which seems to work, but then the next upload will come up with the same error. The only way I have found to fix it is to re-install the app.

      • Logging out seems to resolve it, that is my impression as well. Well look into if we can improve this.

        Thanks for getting back to us!

  4. Hi, Your strava app sounds just what i was looking for. Installed on Lumia 710 and logged a ride but it didnt upload to strava (even though it said upload successful) any ideas?


    • Might be if the app didn’t receive any positioning data yet.
      The app is kind of naive, in that we dont show any indicator whether we have any positioning data yet. The thing to look for is if avg speed/distance has been updated. If so, then there is positioning data. If you still get upload successful, but no ride at strava, then its a bug.

  5. Hello,
    I installed Chaser on the first of January. I have used it several times and have been happy with it so far, until today. I logged on and stated riding. About a block down the street, I saw a friend and stopped to talk to talk for about 5 minutes, then continued riding. When I got to my destination, I tried to open Chaser, but each time I tap on its tile, nothing happens. Should I uninstall it and reinstall it?

  6. Hi. Like EjTjE, I get the “the remote server returned an error: Notfound” error. This only started on Sunday January 13 after what I thought was an excellent run that could have moved me up 1 or 2 leaderboards. 😦 The app uploaded fine on the previous day.

    Reading some bits on the web, it would appear this might be a Silverlight issue, but at which end? I don’t remember updating either my app or my phone recently and the varying dates when things started to go wrong for other people suggests it’s nothing at Strava’s end either. Hmmmmmm

    Anyway, up until Sunday, it’s been an awesome app: good job! But I’m sorely missing it. 😦

    • Sorry about messing up your ride! This is the last thing we want to happen to people!
      I dont have a good answer on whats happening in this case, so im afraid i dont have a good response for you at the moment…

    • This is a technical limitation of the phone unfortunatly. we will look into if its possible to do better on win 8, but at least in the current version of the app we have (which was made for win 7), this was not possible.

  7. Good Morning, I have had the server not found error message and have found that uploading the ride when I get to a better signal area resolves this? Not sure if its just luck?
    I currently use a HTC 8x which is great but I am using massive amounts of data which is getting expensive….. I have my old HTC HD7 which does not require data to get my position so I am thinking that if I can get chaser on this old windows 7 phone I will save a fortune. The problem I need help with is, firstly the wi-fi no longer works on the phone and the phone is locked to a different Network provider so I have no way (I know) of getting this brilliant app onto my old phone. Is it possible the software can be emailed to me, or is there some really obvious way I have not thought about. If my understanding is correct, even with the phone connected to the PC, I can only get the app ‘over the air’
    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated……… (please dont say change your phone tariff, I have tried this).
    All the Best

    • You should change your phone tariff! πŸ˜‰

      Just kidding, the app should be available for win phone 7, but it needs version 7.5. You might want to update the software if you have an older version, other than that i am not sure how i can help.

      Sorry for the late reply, Jason. Hope you have the app running by now πŸ™‚


  8. Hi ,
    your app is great BUT can we please having it running so that it does not stop if you use another function on the phone such as camera .

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi! The current version we have has this limitation because win phone 7 doesnt allow gps tracking in the background. Not sure if this technical limitation has changed for win phone 8, but if it has, this is on the list of things to improve! πŸ™‚

      Sorry for the late reply!

  9. Remote server returned an error: Notfound. Lumia 800. Never managed to get connected with the stravaserver.
    I have a strava.com account… Other people with windowsphone experience a similar problem.

  10. Same thing here. Worked fine until recently and now I get the remote server error. Too bad since it was a nice app. Hopefully, it will get fixed in the near future.

  11. I have found that there is nothing wrong with the app; the problem is actually caused by the phone’s GPS not working properly. You can check this by firing up something like Nokia Maps or anything else that uses your GPS data. You’ll find that the phone doesn’t know where you are. Or it might have your position to within 2km or something ridiculous.

    As a matter of course, I restart my phone before each cycle run and the app has never failed to upload a journey since. It’s easy to check. Start the app, run or cycle 100m then stop and check if the app has actually recorded any distance, rather than just time. Hopefully that will work for all you Windows Phone users out there.

    • Thanks for the comment, Steve. Its a very good idea to verify that the distance and average speed has actually been updated. This is an indication that the app has managed to get at least two positions and is tracking correctly!

  12. Hi, I was wondering if the Chaser app will still work when Strava ends api v2 at the end of June and switches to 3. Thanks.

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